Business leadership is facing a new kind of challenge. As information becomes increasingly important, IT can no longer operate as a functional area just responding to problems and maintaining technology and applications. With the strategic leadership of a CIO or Virtual CIO (vCIO),  IT must transition to become more strategic and drive competitive advantage. A proactive approach is a new necessity to reach business goals and outcomes—which means there has never been a worse time to have average or below average IT performance.


Solution at a Glance

Our vCIO Service includes a part-time vCIO with the experience, expertise, and support team to help you achieve your unique business objectives. Whether it’s to drive IT improvement and planning, establish and execute IT governance and decision making, manage operations, or establish and execute IT performance management, Xigent instills confidence we're a right-fit provider.


vCIO Service Highlights

Drive competitive advantage through key outcomes such as:
  • Achieving greater IT value & performance at the lowest overall cost
  • Improving productivity for your workforce and/or customers
  • Increasing user & customer satisfaction
  • Reducing risk in categories like availability, security & compliance
  • Raising IT maturity through proven processes & using technology in a transformative manner

Download the full solution brief to learn more about the importance of strategically aligning IT and business objectives. Then, check out this Banking Case Study to see how other organizations are benefiting from Xigent's strategic services.