While the company may have been able to weather an outage lasting an hour or two when it was smaller...

OPTK Neworks was now at a point where it needed to be able to recover critical data and systems in minutes. But without a tested IT business continuity or DR plan and no dedicated IT staff to maintain its corporate office infrastructure, OPTK Networks struggled to keep up amidst rapid business growth and IT complexity.  


"The complexities of our network and security risks grew as our company tripled in size. This made it far more complex and time-consuming for our existing staff to sufficiently manage on their own."

 - Mark Shaw, CEO, OPTK Networks


Download the full case study to learn how the provider now benefits from staff time back, decreased risk by having all its critical systems replicated, tested and recoverable, reduced infrastructure complexity, and zero capital spend through Xigent's Recovery as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service offerings.


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